Hatred of Adolf Hitler, is a foolish endeavor.

>born in a poor family
>only child of 5 who survived
>father would beat him up for painting
>mother died of cancer
>orphan and alone at 15
>refused from the Institute of Arts in Vienna twice
>spent 3 years in complete poverty between the poor and hungry, later calling it the worst period of his life
>fought in WW1
>picked up and kept a stray puppy during the war
>entertained other soldiers with cute drawings of dogs and nature
>took a bullet to the leg but returned eagerly to the battlefield
>was awarded the Iron Cross of Bravery for capturing 4 French soldiers alone, armed only with a pistol and knife
>was rendered blind for a few month after the Brits (British) dropped gas on his team
>literally cried blood when word reached him of Germany surrendering while he was in hospital
>decided he had to join politics
>joined and later lead what was to become the NSDAP
>tried to overthrow the disastrous regime after the Versailles treaty
>many of his friends and compatriots were killed and imprisoned like him
>on some days he even refused to eat
>goes straightly back into politics after being released
>gets elected chancellor
>destroys Old Berlin, the “Sin City” of Europe and turns it into a example of culture and morale
>brings back value into a currency which was as worthless as Venezuela’s right now
>Decreases the unemployment from 6 million to barely 33000
>Creates a welfare program which favors families and overall mothers
>Childbirths skyrocket for the first time in decades
>poverty is almost completely eliminated
>targets the rich bankers who are draining their country dry and redistributes their illicit wealth to the people
>emphasizes again and again his desire for the Germans and the British to work together
>the previous poorest country in Europe becomes a vast Military and Economic superpower in only 6 years

Remind me again, why do we hate this guy?



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