“How beautiful is our Germany! How beautiful and splendid! When I look upon you, I know… that my life’s struggle will not have been in vain!”

“There will always be a new generation of youth… In this city. This city which saw the passage of centuries…. Will see new generations! They will be more beautiful, more vigorous and they shall inspire greater hope for the future in the hearts of the living!”

“When someone says, “You’re a dreamer.” I can only answer, “You idiot… If I weren’t a dreamer, where would we be today?”

“I’ve always believed in Germany. You said I was a dreamer.”

“I’ve always believed in the rise of the Reich. You said I was a fool.”

“I’ve always believed in our return to power. You said I was mad.”

“I’ve always believed in an end to poverty! You said that was utopian!”

“Who was right? You or me!? I was right!”

“I intend in the future to abide by one commandment only!”

“It’s been my calling since, as a boy, I first started to think… 卍 GERMANY! 卍” ~ Adolf Hitler

Watch Adolf Hitler – An End To Poverty on YouTube

Captivating gaze of the Führer.






Chancellor Maintains Desire of Peace, Equality for Germany Regensburg, Germany, Oct. 22  — Chancellor Hitler, making his first speech directly to the public since Germany’s withdrawal from the League of Nations, was tumultuouslv cheered hero today as he criticised 100 per cent patriotism and reiterated Germany’s desire to live peaceably but on equality with the rest ol the world. The occasion for his speech was an assembly of storm troops at Germany’s Hall of Fame In the countryside near Kolheim, Bavaria. A tremendous ovation greeted the chancellor when he went on the speakers platform. “Who who experienced four and a half years of war,” declared Hitler, “are best qualified to know its terrors. Who also are best qualified to understand the difference between hurrah patriotism and the genuine spirit of unity.” He was Interrupted by wild cheers When lie said the world was not to interfere with Germany. “Our goal,” said Hitler, “is to make the nation happy again by getting it its daily bread — a tremendous job — and ln pursuit of that job the world Is to let us alone. “We want peace but not dishonor. We tell the world frankly; ‘If you want to see us in international conferences, If you want to have us In your League of Nations, we will participate only when you recognize us as a nation; we are ready at any time to sign treaties If these can be fulfilled and if they are Just; but pacts that neither can be fulfilled nor are honorable we will not sign.’ ”——–20–1—–all—


Adolf Hitler’s speech on October 15, 1933: In laying the foundation stone for Haus der Deutschen Kunst in Munich

Adolf Hitler’s speech on October 15, 1933

In laying the foundation stone for Haus der Deutschen Kunst in Munich:

“It is wonderful to live in a time that presents major challenges to their people.

When the government of the national collection took responsibility, they took so before the duty to master the tasks that we all and see us. A nation has collapsed and is to experience its re-establishment. We will not dispute concerning the disaster that hit us the catastrophe that has plunged us today. We just want to know that the broken again must be raised and that the canceling turn itself back to life.

Terrible distress and misery have come across our nation. A proud business, once flourishing and rich, seems to fall. Million hardworking people condemned the Arbeitsnot to idleness. The proletarianization always breaks new states of life in its depth. The fabric of our society is in quarries, and even to the gates of the temple of our faith pounding his fist the support of a new world destruction. Restlessness and discord everywhere. Germany defenseless and without rights, the people full of despondency and despair! We enjoyed the fate provided the glorious task to fight in this trouble, again to fill the hearts of these despondent people with faith and trust, to get the economy in order to give the million revelers work zurückzureißen the stands before destruction, a build new society and to curb their enemies with an iron fist, the nation, its material, moral and cultural goods to take shelter from the elements of destruction. A bold and proud Mission!

Man does not live by bread alone. If we feel the restoration of our people as a task of our time and our lives, we see before us not only the suffering economy, but also the threatened culture, not only the plight of the body but not so much the need of the soul, and we can no resurgence of the German people think if not again arises the German culture and especially German art. Today we make a symbolic act. A tragic chain of coincidence, guilt and unclarified destroyed in one night a house that will forever be associated with the artistic creation not only a city, but the whole German nation. Treasures of the German mind and the German art have fallen victim to the flames. But what then fell in a few hours of destruction, can not be destroyed for all time. By painfully separate us from the lost, we confidently begin looking into the future to build the new.

A House of German Art to buy, the old glass palace, for many decades a feature of this city, turned into a monument of our time.

Young Germany builds his art his own house.

But if there is this construction of the German art of the city of Munich, it is committed to the spirit of that, the rose once as Bavarian king this city to a home of German art. By measure all the size of the contribution that can book this worship German artistic creativity and artistic life for themselves, we not only obey the voice of the heart, but also the principle of justice, just this city for all time to the center of a new artistic creation and artistic life to choose.

A people we are, we want to be an empire! So fanatically we enter the size of the Empire, for his peace, but also for his honor, so little we tolerate that any spirit of discord national unity threatened, unintelligent Eigenbrödelei weakens the force of political will, as much as we depend on the nature of the German land and want to maintain the richness of the diversity of our inner life.

If I can help in proud happiness today to lay those foundations, I hope so, this city and the countryside the way to point to the future.

Not in strife or small jealous quarrel with other brothers of our great German fatherland we have the possibility of self-life of Bavaria and its capital to see, but the commitment of the insoluble bond with the entire German people and in the size of the contribution that this strain and this city ​​here make the size of the Empire and to the size of the German nation.

Then we want to remain faithful to the character of this city. If Berlin is the capital of the Empire, Hamburg and Bremen, the main cities of German shipping, Leipzig and Cologne capitals of German trade, food and Chemnitz capitals of German industry, then to Munich again capital of German art.

You will thus paving the way back to their original size. What a little people did not understand, we need to be happy and for the benefit of the German people meet: May this city, think back again to be at their most proper mission, site of the sublime and the beautiful, that legally again as the truth that you this city must have seen to know Germany. 

In this sense, we want to create the first great building of the new empire here the foundation, thanks to a German builder’s, the city of Munich as its own in trust, the German art”.



The Policy of the N.S.D.A.P. on Ownership of Landed Property

The Policy of the N.S.D.A.P. on Ownership
of Landed Property

A Reply: by Gottfried Feder.

Gottfried Feder, economist of the N.S.D.A.P

The Deutsche Tageszeitung (No. 11) of January 25th, 1930, published a number of questions put to us by the leaders of the Brandenburg Landbund. Their main object was to obtain a definition of the attitude of the N.S.D.A.P. towards private ownership of land, inheritance, raising of credits, tariffs, price regulation, profit-sharing, and towards questions of general social-political and election-tactical interest.


In order to allay anxiety with regard to any later arbitrary interpretation of Point 17 of the Party Programme (see p. 19), the first question was put in the following words:

“Is the N.S.D.A.P. prepared to give a quarantee that it will not set its face against ownership of land.”

Answer. National Socialism recognises private ownership as a principle, and places it under State protection. (See p. 30 II, 8.)

It will seek to maintain a healthy combination of all businesses, small and great, in the economic life of the nation. (See p. 30 II. 12.)

The spirit of the whole Programme proves clearly that National Socialism, being a convinced and consistent opponent of Marxism, utterly rejects its ruinous central doctrine of general confiscation, and considers a permanent agricultural class to be the best and surest foundation for the national State.

But being also a determined opponent of the great capitalists whose aim it is to mobilise for themselves all agricultural values, and to oust the farmers by means of taxation and interest on loans, National Socialism demands State protection of the farmers against aggression by the big business interests.

We need a strong, healthy class of farmers, free from the thraldom of interest and the tyranny of taxation.


The second question was addressed to me personally, as having been appointed by Hitler ‘final arbiter of all questions touching the Programme’.

“What is the attitude of National Socialism towards inheritance of property, and succession duties?”

Answer. Since it is the mainstay of the national idea, continuity of ownership, i. e. inheritance of the land which a man’s forefathers reclaimed and cultivated, is a natural consequence. National Socialism therefore recognises the principle of inheritance, as it does that of ownership of land.

If property goes to distant relatives the National Socialist State will levy a special tax, but in the case of nearer relationship this will be assessed at the rate prevailing at the moment.



This question was set owing to anxiety — quite unfounded — regarding the possible consequences of prohibiting loans from private capitalists on the security of the land.

Answer. A State, which desires to make agricultural property free from debt, and to rescue the farmers from the claws of professional financiers — so many farmers having been, as it is, driven from their homes by the Jews — , a State, which desires to break down the money monopoly of capitalism and to abolish the thraldom of interest, is not likely to withhold the necessary credits nor to charge extortionate interest; on the contrary, National Socialism intends to assist agriculture to the utmost.


“Breaking down the thraldom of interest.” Abolition of unearned incomes. “What is the attitude of the National Socialist Party towards capital saved or inherited?”

Answer. Has any farmer to-day an ‘unearned income’ out of demands for interest, or can any landowner live on money saved from his rents?

This means that there is anxiety among certain land-owners who still have a little capital left, or else there is intentional mis-comprehension or ignorance of that most essential demand of the National Socialist Programme.

N. B. We mean literally “breaking down the thraldom of interest”.

No one will describe small amounts of interest from savings or a mortgage or a government loan, as the thraldom of interest. What we mean by it is when deliberate inflation has robbed us of all our savings, and the farmer has to pay interest on fresh mortgages and short term credits at rates which ruin him.

Those who favour of sticking to the present system of capitalism are against the true interests of the farmers, and in favour of allowing the banks and their agents to batten on agriculture.

For the rest I would refer readers to my pamphlets entitled Der Staat auf nationaler und sozialer Grundlage, and Das Program m der N.S.D.A.P.


Our policy as regards taxation states clearly and consistently: To free the consumer from the burden of indirect taxation, and the producer from taxes which cramp his business.

“Does the Party intend to remove import duties?”

Answer. The Landbund ought to be aware that the National Socialist vote in the Reichstag went absolutely in favour of protective
duties on agricultural produce, in accordance with its principle — Protection of the nation’s work in town and country.  The NSDAP’s Program of Economic Organization

Walther Funk and Gottfried Feder. Full text of “Gottfried Feder The Program Of The NSDAP The National Socialist Workers’ Party And Its General Conceptions” 1932 (excerpt)

“Your Goal is the Eradication of Germans!” – Vice President of German Bundestag confronted by Nationalists

“Your Goal is the Eradication of Germans!” – Vice President of German Bundestag confronted by Nationalists. Claudia (((Roth))), Green Party politician and Vice President of the Bundestag, has been confronted by a group of German Nationalists during the Day of German Unity celebrations in Dresden. The politician, who has taken part in many violent Antifascist protests, was questioned about her involvement in groups who openly shout slogans like “Germany must perish!”, a book written by the Jew Theodore Kaufman in 1941 which advocates the genocide of the German people. Roth was told to “get out” by the Nationalists who called alluded to her communist ideals by calling her a “red pig”.

Roth, who has in the past criticised the prosecution of antifascist communists who engage in violence against patriots as “absurd”, cowered behind police as the Nationalists’ questions got a little too heavy for her.

In August another group of Nationalists confronted a German politician, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, over his anti-German policies.



Claudia Roth, just another parasitic Jewess destroying Germany.


“Your Goal is the Eradication of Germans!” – Vice President of German Bundestag confronted by Nationalists

Two Birds One Stone – Greater Israel and the Jewish desire for European Destruction

Two Birds One Stone – Greater Israel and the Jewish desire for European Destruction

The ‘balkanisation’ of the Middle East serves the Jew and the Jew alone, in aiding the creation of Greater Israel – the Oded Yinon Plan – which is a synthesised working action of Theodore Herzl’s vision for Israel to be greater than it’s current size and in turn become a superstate to rival any empire that has gone before.

“The area of the Jewish state stretches from the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”

– Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism.

The endless cycle of Jewish Neoconservative wars waged using their Zionist puppet states such as the USA, UK and other infiltrated European Powers, who by taking part in these treacherous acts have only aided their own part self inflicted annihilation as once homogeneous, ancient and truly diverse great ethnocentric countries by offering their support to multi faceted wars on behalf of the Jew. They are cancerous and destructive to the indigenous people of Europe and also to the people of the Middle East though a far lesser extent.

By emptying out the Middle East, by destroying Libya and opening up a corridor directly to Europe from Africa allowing hordes of sub-Saharan seemingly desperate single men to descend on all of Europe along with the hordes of Moslems migrating from the Middle East – the Jews two obsessive objectives of 1) The creation of Greater Israel and 2) The Total Annihilation of the White people of Europe – the wiping out its greatest enemy, we the indigenous White European people. A people who have continually over the centuries evicted the eternal parasite for it’s swindling and degenerate subversion of any society it is allowed to settle into. 109 times in total they have been removed in their entirety as a people.

People must once again get wise to the way of the Jew and take the appropriate action needed to ensure our survival as a people – we are not yet in a minority in our own lands so any coordinated fight back would be successful – people must learn to be ruthless and abandon all idea of empathy for those descending on Europe – the Muslims and the Africans, who are here at the invitation of the Jew.

Two Birds One Stone – Greater Israel and the Jewish desire for European Destruction



Marrano Jews: Hidden Jews, often Sephardic like Kate Middleton, Jimmy Savile or Cliff Richard who pretend to belong to the religion of the nation to which they belong but remain secretly Jewish and in full pursuit of the Jewish agenda. ANGELA MERKEL’S TRULY SCARY JEWESS MOTHER HERLIND KASNER: Almost as important as this revelation is […]